Identity Icon Selection

Starting with Network Identity Manager 2.0, you can customize the icon displayed next to an identity. This dialog lets you pick an image of your choice from your computer, or from a web page.

Identity icon selection dialog

There are currently four ways to specify an image file to be used as the basis of your icon:

Once you specify the image file to use, NetIDMgr will load the image into the crop area on the left side of the dialog. You can drag the borders of the crop rectangle to select the portion of the image you would like to use as your icon.

When you are satisfied with your new icon, you can click the Ok button to set the new icon.

Supported Image Formats

The following image formats are currently supported:

Privacy and Security Issues with fetching identity icons from the web

All three methods of fetching the identity icon from the web outlined above raise privacy and security concerns. These are detailed in the Privacy and Security Issues page.