Per identity General configuration

The General page contains a Remove Identity button that can be used to delete this Identity from the Network Identity Manager.

The Monitor credential expiration setting determines whether or not NetIdMgr should monitor the credential lifetimes and issue expiration notifications.   This value is used as the default for all new identities.

The Automatically renew setting determines if renewable credentials are automatically renewed prior to expiration.  This value is used as the default for all new identities.

The Always show in the credentials list (Pinned) setting determines whether new identities are always pinned within the credentials list.  A pinned identity will always be displayed regardless of whether or not there are credentials associated with it.


Adding or removing an identity in the configuration panel only has the effect of adding or removing the identity to or from the list of identities for which configuration information is maintained.

If an identity being removed has a saved password in a key store (see Password Persistence), then the MyKeystore plug-in will remove the stored password as well.


The Change icon button invokes the identity icon dialog that you can use to change the icon associated with the identity.

You can revert back to the default icon by clicking on the Reset icon button. Note that changing the identity icon is an immediate action that takes effect immediately. You don't need to click on the Apply button.