tag_khui_action Struct Reference

#include <intaction.h>

Detailed Description

An action.

Data Fields

khm_int32 cmd
khm_int32 type
wchar_t * name
khm_int16 ib_normal
khm_int16 ib_hot
khm_int16 ib_disabled
khm_int16 ib_icon
khm_int16 ib_icon_dis
khm_int16 is_caption
khm_int16 is_tooltip
khm_int16 ih_topic
wchar_t * caption
wchar_t * tooltip
khm_handle listener
void * data
void * reserved1
void * reserved2
void * reserved3
int state

Field Documentation

khm_int32 tag_khui_action::cmd

action identifier

khm_int32 tag_khui_action::type

combination of KHUI_ACTIONTYPE_*

wchar_t* tag_khui_action::name

name for named actions. NULL if not named.

khm_int16 tag_khui_action::ib_normal

(internal) normal bitmap (index) (toolbar sized icon)

khm_int16 tag_khui_action::ib_hot

(internal) hot bitmap (index) (toolbar sized icon)

khm_int16 tag_khui_action::ib_disabled

(internal) disabled bitmap (index) (toolbar sized icon)

khm_int16 tag_khui_action::ib_icon

(internal) index of small (16x16) icon (for menu) (small icon)

khm_int16 tag_khui_action::ib_icon_dis

(internal) index of disabled (greyed) icon (small icon)

khm_int16 tag_khui_action::is_caption

(internal) index of string resource for caption

khm_int16 tag_khui_action::is_tooltip

(internal) same for description / tooltip

khm_int16 tag_khui_action::ih_topic

(internal) help topic

wchar_t* tag_khui_action::caption

Caption (localized) (limited by KHUI_MAXCCH_SHORT_DESC). The caption is used for representing the action in menus and toolbars.

wchar_t* tag_khui_action::tooltip

Tooltip (localized) (limited by KHUI_MAXCCH_SHORT_DESC). If this is specified, whenever the user hovers over the menu item or toolbar button representing the action, the tooltip will be displayed either on a tooltip window or in the status bar.

khm_handle tag_khui_action::listener

Listener of this action. Should be a handle to a message subscription. When the action is invoked, a message of type KMSG_ACT and subtype KMSG_ACT_ACTIVATE will be posted to this subscriber. The uparam parameter of the message will have the identifier of the action.

void* tag_khui_action::data

User data for custom action. This field is not used by the UI library. It is reserved for plugins to store data that is specific for this action. The data that's passed in in the userdata parameter to khui_action_create() will be stored here and can be retrieved by calling khui_action_get_data().

void* tag_khui_action::reserved1


void* tag_khui_action::reserved2


void* tag_khui_action::reserved3


int tag_khui_action::state

current state. combination of KHUI_ACTIONSTATE_*

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