tag_kherr_event Struct Reference
[NetIDMgr Error Reporting]

#include <kherr.h>

Detailed Description

An event.

Public Member Functions

 LDCL (struct tag_kherr_event)

Data Fields

khm_int32 magic
DWORD thread_id
const wchar_t * short_desc
const wchar_t * facility
const wchar_t * location
const wchar_t * long_desc
const wchar_t * suggestion
kherr_severity severity
khm_int32 facility_id
kherr_suggestion suggestion_id
int flags
kherr_param p1
kherr_param p2
kherr_param p3
kherr_param p4
DWORD time_ticks
FILETIME time_ft
HMODULE h_module

Field Documentation

khm_int32 tag_kherr_event::magic

Magic number. Always set to KHERR_EVENT_MAGIC

DWORD tag_kherr_event::thread_id

The thread which reported this event.

const wchar_t* tag_kherr_event::short_desc

Short description or title (localized)

const wchar_t* tag_kherr_event::facility

Facility name of the reporter (not localized)

const wchar_t* tag_kherr_event::location

Location. Usually the function name or such of where the event occured (not localized)

const wchar_t* tag_kherr_event::long_desc

A long description of what went wrong (localized, formatted)

const wchar_t* tag_kherr_event::suggestion

A suggested way to fix it (localized,formatted)

kherr_severity tag_kherr_event::severity

Severity level. One of the severity levels listed in enumeration kherr_severity

khm_int32 tag_kherr_event::facility_id

Left to the application to interpret

kherr_suggestion tag_kherr_event::suggestion_id

One of the suggestion ID's from the enumeration kherr_suggestion

int tag_kherr_event::flags


kherr_param tag_kherr_event::p1

Parameter 1 for formatting

kherr_param tag_kherr_event::p2

Parameter 2 for formatting

kherr_param tag_kherr_event::p3

Parameter 3 for formatting

kherr_param tag_kherr_event::p4

Parameter 4 for formatting

DWORD tag_kherr_event::time_ticks

Time at which event was reported (as returned by GetTickCount().

FILETIME tag_kherr_event::time_ft

Time at which event was reported. Current system time as FILETIME.

HMODULE tag_kherr_event::h_module

Handle to the module which should resolve any unresolved resources references above.

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