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Network Identity Manager

Secure Endpoints Inc. is the primary developer of Network Identity Manager (NetIdMgr).  It allows end users to manage multiple network identities from within a single easy to use interface.  Built upon the extensible Khimaira framework, NetIdMgr enables organizations to provide users with a single sign-on experience. A single Kerberos authentication can automatically derive credentials for a variety of other authentication mechanisms including AFS tokens and X.509 certificates.  NetIdMgr also provides users with automatic credential renewal.

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Version 1.3

Network Identity Manager version 1.3 is distributed as the credential manager for MIT Kerberos for Windows. 

Read the Network Identity Manager Version 1.3 User Documentation (PDF) and the Khimara Developer Documentation (HTML) or (CHM).

Version 2.0

Network Identity Manager Version 2.0 is now available as an update to Kerberos for Windows.

Network Identity Manager Version 2.0


AFS Token Provider

Secure Endpoints Inc. has developed a plug-in supporting AFS token acquisition and renewal for multiple AFS cells from a single Kerberos v5 identity.  The plug-in is distributed as part of OpenAFS for Windows. 

Kerberized Certificate Authority X.509 Short-lived client certificate Provider

Secure Endpoints Inc. is distributing a Kerberized Certificate Authority plug-in that can be used to automatically obtain X.509 client certificates when Kerberos v5 credentials are obtained or renewed.   Version 2.4.0 is available for download.   End-user documentation is also available.  The KCA plug-in is bundled with a PKCS#11 module that exports certificates from the Windows Certificate Store to applications such as Mozilla's Firefox and Thunderbird.

The significant changes since version 2.0 include:

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