Property Sheets

The property sheet for an identity or a credential can be invoked using the Credentials display context menu or by double-clicking the identity or credential.

Properties for an identity

Figure 1: Property sheet for an identity

When the property sheet for an identity is invoked, you will be presented with an interface similar to Figure 1 above.

Identity name
This is the display name for the identity
Identity options
Several options for the selected identity. You can use the checkboxes to view and also modify the state of some the options. Any changes you make will not become effective until you select the Ok button or the Apply button.
Properties for the identity
Below the identity options is a list of properties for the selected identity. These are properties reported by the identity and credentials providers.
Identity configuration button
You can click this button to invoke the Identity configuration panel for this identity.
Property page buttons
These buttons control the property sheet.

The Ok button applies any changes you have made in the property sheet and closes it.
Applies the changes you have made without exiting the property sheet.
Closes the property sheet without applying any of the changes. If you have made any changes to the identity options, they will be lost.

Properties for a credential

Figure 2: Kerberos v5 property sheet for a credential

When the property sheet is invoked for a credential, typically you will be presented with several property pages as can be seen in Figure 2. In addition to the credentials type specific property page (Kerberos v5, in this case), there will be a credential property list (the Credential tab, and Figure 3 below) and a property page for the identity.

Figure 3: Property list for a credential

The property list page is present for all credentials and lists all the properties that were provided by the Credentials provider for a credential.

The Identity property page for a credential is identical to the identity property page (Figure 1) and lists the properties for the identity associated with a credential.