Using Network Identity Manager

Depending on how Network Identity Manager was installed, it might already be running in the Windows taskbar notification area or it might need to be started manually. See the topic Starting Network Identity Manager for details. 

To open the NetIDMgr window when the application icon is displayed in the Windows taskbar notification area, click on the icon with the 2nd mouse button (usually the right mouse button) and select Show Network Identity Manager window from the menu.

If NetIdMgr is not displayed in the Windows taskbar notification area, it can be started from the Start Menu, or type 'netidmgr' at a command prompt.

Once the NetIDMgr window is visible, you will be presented with a view of your existing identities, or a message notifying you that you don't have any.   Details of the credentials view objects can be found here.

Brief overviews of how to perform common tasks are linked below:

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