Managing the credentials view layout

The credentials view layout provides an outlined view of the credentials that are being managed by NetIDMgr. The columns that are displayed in the window, the columns that are used for grouping and sorting the list of credentials can be customized.

The following sections provide more details on the types of customizations that can be performed:

Pre-defined layouts

The predefined layouts in NetIDMgr are:

These layouts can be selected using the View menu.

Adding and removing columns

The View Columns menu lists all the columns that are available for display. Each column that is already displayed will have a check mark next to it. Selecting a column that is not currently being displayed will add that column to the display. Selecting a column that is is being displayed will remove it from the display.

This menu can be reached either by right-clicking the column header area or by invoking the View menu. The menu is shown below.

Sorting by a column

Clicking on a column header will change the sort order of the column if it is already being used as a sort key. If the colunm is not currently being used as a sort key, clicking on the column header will start sorting in increasing order by that column.

Double-clicking a column that is not used for grouping will stop sorting by that column.

Grouping by a column

Double-clicking on a column header will start grouping by that column if the column is currently not being used as a sort key. If the column is currently being used for grouping, then double-clicking will stop it from being used for grouping.