Network Identity Manager Notification Icon

Visual Representation of Identity State Information

When Network Identity Manager is running, an icon will appear in the taskbar notification area.  The icon will change to reflect the current state of the managed credentials.

The icons and their meanings are described below:

There are no managed credentials for any identity.
There are valid credentials for all the identities.
Some of the credentials will expire in the next few minutes. This icon will be displayed even if automatic renewals are enabled. In this case, the credentials in question may get renewed before they expire, and the icon will change to reflect this change.
At least one identity's credentials have expired.
A warning message is waiting to be displayed. Click the icon to view the warning message.

Notification Icon Menu

Clicking on the notification with the second mouse button displays a menu (see right) which contains the most commonly used Network Identity Manager operations. 

Notification Icon Default Action

Clicking on the icon with the first mouse button will open or close the Network Identity Manager application window or open the Obtain New Credentials dialog based upon the current configuration. The behavior can be adjusted from the Options->General page. Clicking with the second mouse button will display a menu of commands.