All Network Identity Manager configuration options can be accessed via the Options menu. The available configuration panels are:

Using the Options Dialog

The options dialog includes an outline of available configuration panels on the left. Clicking on any item in the outline takes you to the corresponding configuration panel.

Many of the changes you make on the configuration panels are not applied immediately. Instead, any unsaved changes are indicated in the outline by an orange flag marker as shown in Figure 1. You can save pending changes by clicking the Apply button.

Once changes are successfully saved, the flag changes to a green check (also shown in Figure 1).

Hovering the mouse cursor over the flag icon will cause a tool tip to be displayed explaining whether the corresponding configuration item was modified or not.

Configuration Information

Network Identity Manager stores configuration information in the user and machine registry hives. Per user settings are always saved in the user's registry hive, while per machine settings are saved by the installer in the machine registry hive.

During normal operation, per-machine registry information is considered read-only by Network Identity Manager. Therefore, all the configuration changes you make using this dialog will be per-user changes. The changes will not be visible to or affect other users of the system.

However, this restriciton may not apply for all plug-ins. Third party plug-ins may choose to store and modify global configuration information.


Using REGEDIT or other registry modification tool to change the registry keys that are being used while Network Identity Manager is running is highly discouraged and may lead to unpredictable behavior.

Information about which registry keys are used by Network Identity Manager can be found in the Registry Reference section.