The KeyStore provider is a password storage plug-in for Network Identity Manager. Using a master password, the provider can secure a set of passwords that can be used to obtain initial credentials for a set of identities.

Network Identity Manager 2.0 introduces the capability to integrate password management into the credentials aquisition workflow. This is used by the KeyStore provider to simplify the process of storing and using passwords.

During normal initial credential acquisition, you can elect to save the password you have entered. If necessary, the KeyStore provider will prompt for the master password or prompt you to set up a master password if you haven't already done so.

Once a set of passwords have been saved into the KeyStore, you can initiate a new credentials acquisition for the KeyStore identity. Once you provide the master password, the KeyStore provider will unlock the stored passwords and obtain initial credentials for the identities corresponding to the stored passwords.

Derivation of identities using a single master KeyStore password.

The Password Persistence topic contains more detailed information about password storage tasks.