Configuration - General Options

The General options dialog, accessed via the Options menu, allows you to configure operational properties specific to the NetIdMgr application.

The Obtain new credentials at startup (if none are present) checkbox will determine whether or not NetIdMgr will display the New Credentials dialog at startup when no valid credentials exist.

The Destroy all credentials on exit option can be used to empty all of the credential caches when the NetIdMgr is terminated.

The Run NetIdMgr in taskbar notification area after window close checkbox determines the behavior of the window close button. When checked, NetIdMgr will close the window but will continue running and can be accessed from the taskbar notification area. When unchecked, NetIdMgr will behave as if File->Exit was selected from the menu.

Clicking on the notification icon can be configured to either Show Network Identity Manager or Obtain New Credentials. This option controls which menu item on the notification icon menu is the default action.

The Monitor network connectivity option determines whether or not NetIdMgr monitors the configuration of IP addresses on the machine. When IP addresses are added or removed and this feature is activated, the NetIdMgr will probe the identity management servers (e.g., Kerberos Key Distribution Centers) to determine if they are reachable and if so will automatically obtain credentials.

The Log trace events to trace log at the following location option is used to activate a log file that can be used to help debug the behavior of NetIdMgr and its plug-ins. Press the Show log button to view the log file in Windows Notepad.