Network Identity Manager Concepts: Identity

While there are many approaches to defining what an identity is, as far as the Network Identity Manager (NetIDMgr) is concerned, an identity is the unique user identifier that is accepted by a network service. Each credential that is managed by NetIDMgr is assumed to map to a single identity. The collection of credentials that map to the same identity are determined to belong to that identity.

Default Identity

The Network Identity Manager manages multiple identities. Most applications do not know how to request a specific identity or how to search for the appropriate credentials cache. Instead these applications assume that the identity to be used is stored within the default credentials cache. NetIdMgr allows one identity to be specified as the default identity.

The Kerberos v5 provider plug-in will mark the credential cache that contains the default identity as the default credentials cache for the current logon session.

The default identity is indicated in the credentials display using a filled star icon (). A non-default identity has an empty start icon ().

You can change the default identity by clicking on the star icon next to the identity.