Network Identity Manager Command Line Options

Network Identity Manager accepts the following command-line options:

Obtain new credentials. Aliases: --kinit or -kinit
Automatically initialize credentials. If no credentials are found for the default idneitty, this displays the new credentials dialog. Aliases: --autoinit or -autoinit
Renew all identities. Aliases: --renew or -renew.
Import credentials from the Windows MSLSA cache. Aliases: --import or -import.
Destroy the default identity. Aliases: --destroy or -destroy.
Exit the running instance of Network Identity Manager. Aliases: --exit or -exit.
Start Network Identity Manager in minimized mode.
Hide the Network Identity Manager window.
Unhide the Network Identity Manager window.
Show command-line options. Displays a dialog that explains the command-line options available with Network Identity Manager.

Network Identity Manager limits itself to one running instance. If you attempt to start it using the command-line, it will pass the command-line options to the running instance. For more information please see Starting Network Identity Manager.